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Full Version: Ibuysteroids scam or legit?
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I'm somewhat perplexed - WTF is this seller? No large pics, british dragon logo on some strange bottles, no injectables?
You can't be serious, bro! Check the website well, they are trying to fool people they sell gear. It's just some funny supplements with names like roids they sell and it's f*cking expensive, too...
Smile This is a problem of Internet. Such shops are supported by certain large forums. You post a negative review and you get banned. Well - this is a website that is selling dietary supplements. Unlike some similar companies, they really try hard to pretend it's gear they sell. Some newbies are surely fooled every day, especially those with no previous experience with AAS.
I just read more and I can see they are a scam. What an idiot I am... Just read the smallprint - scroll down and read. It's not gear they sell, that's for sure.
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