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Full Version: Xenohormones plus AAS?
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Did someone try stacking xenohormones with anabolic steroids?
I didn't but if you are going to do it, many bros will be strongly interested in your results!
Actually, I'm doing it right now. The only reason is I'm short of xenoandrogens (as the producer is going to start the official sales in 2 weeks and my unofficial source is dry now Smile)
OK, so when I stopped using steroids I started with this stack of xenoandrogens: Oral T-Bol, Deca 200 and Boldo-bol 200.
Now I only have Boldo-bol 200 so I added normal nandrolone decanoate (my last cycle I swear). I think it's a good stack but now I must also add some PCT (it seems there's no need for this with xenoandrogens, I didn't feel any testo inhibition).

There is one signifficant difference between xenoandrogens and steroids: roids are faster-acting. So I guess if you are going to use the two in stack, start with xenoandrogens and add your gear one week later.
Thanks, Manfred777! What I actually wanted to do was using oral steroids and injectable xenoandrogens (just because of sterility, I just don't trust the UGL's).
IMO it should work. Definitely let us know of your results, as RedMuscle told you Smile
Is there any reason why this would be bad? As I see it, you can just over-excite the AR receptors which you are doing anyway when stacking gear.
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